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Please do ensure you read the instructions below in full before reporting or logging a repair to avoid any charges being passed back to you. 


Emergencies only:

During Office hours – Monday to Friday 09.00 to 17.30 hours; Saturday 09.00 – 16.00 please call the office on: 01780 750000

Out of hours: If the issue is an emergency posing a danger to life and limb or one which may cause damage to the property, please ensure you act in a tenant like manner to ensure you do everything possible to limit the danger/damage. If you feel the issue cannot wait and as such you feel it is imperative to speak to someone immediately then please call 01780 750010

Where a contractor is called to the Property out of hours and it is found that it was undue or because the issue was not of an urgent nature or alternatively found to be the fault of the Tenant, charges will be returned to you as the Tenant to pay.

Emergencies constitute things such as burst pipes causing flooding to the inside of your or another’s property, major leaks or any other events which are a danger to life or property. If you require the fire brigade, police or ambulance services: Please call 999 for immediate assistance.


General Maintenance:

All general maintenance issues should be reported to us via our online reporting system linked below before speaking to the office to ensure we have a full log of the issue and can avoid sending the wrong contractor to help - please be as descriptive as possible and always provide a photo of the problem when you can. The reported issues will be dealt with during normal office working hours at our earliest convenience. Please ensure that when reporting you specify your door and flat number (if applicable), and upload photos to help us resolve any matters swiftly for you. Wherever possible the system will display helpful advice during the reporting process which may assist in resolving the issue yourself – please do take a moment to read the information shown.

Gas & Carbon Monoxide: If you have a gas supply issue please contact your supplier for further assistance. If you smell gas or alerted by a triggered carbon monoxide alarm please immediately call Cadent on 0800 111 999 (Open all doors and windows; Turn off gas at meter (unless the meter is in a cellar or basement); Don't use electric switches or naked flames. Move outside into fresh air; If someone has collapsed or is displaying severe symptoms, seek medical help by calling 999 or 111).

Boilers: If your boiler breaks down outside of office hours please initially check the instruction manual (accessible through the internet if you do not hold a paper copy) and ensure all relevant measures have been taken to reinstate the boiler up to and including re-pressurisation. If the boiler remains inactive please refer to the repair system below and complete the information required providing as much information as possible. If there are no vulnerable occupiers in the household we will have an engineer attend during normal working hours to repair boiler break downs. If this is not the case and you require urgent assistance please refer to above out of hours section for a number to call.

Provision of Temporary Heating – should you be unable to reinstate the boiler outside of office hours and if it is possible to purchase a fan heater to provide heat until the office reopens the landlord will cover the cost on provision of a receipt for up to a maximum of £20 per heater and a maximum of 4 units depending on the size of the property and vulnerability of the occupants. If the office is open oil fired radiators can be made available on request. Escape of Water: If you experience a leak within a property and you are unable to shut of the water using the stopcock (usually located beneath the kitchen sink – please refer to your inventory for a precise location) and there is the potential for further damage to either your property or a neighbouring property please call an emergency plumber to prevent ongoing damage. If the issue is related to the use of a single service (i.e. bath/shower/sink) and there is an alternative within the property the matter should be reported to the office using the repair reporting system (see link below) for progression on the next working day.


  • Internal Blockages – the maintenance of plugs etc is considered a tenant responsibility and any build ups in the U bends or traps should be cleared by the use of a plunger or chemical solvent available in supermarkets. If you do not feel the issue should fall under your responsibilities please report the issue below and the office will contact you the next working day to discuss the matter further.
  • External Manhole – works on overflowing or blocked external manholes in an adopted drains scheme will need to be instructed by the local water board. Locally the main contact is Anglian Water on 03457 145 145


Loss of Mains Water Supply: If you discover there is no water please first check with the neighbours and if they are similarly affected please report the issue to the local water authority – to confirm exactly who to contact please visit and enter your postcode.

  • Anglian Water – 0800 771 881
  • Severn Trent - 03457 500 500

Should no other property be affected then please check your stopcock to ensure this has not been shut off accidentally and then contact the office for further advice.

Electrical Supply: If you discover you have no power supply please first check the neighbouring properties to ensure this is a localised issue to your property (if there is a local outage please contact your power supplier for further information). If this is an isolated problem please locate your fuse board (refer to your inventory if you are unsure of the location of the fuse board) and ensure nothing has tripped a switch – if this is the case return the switch to on and see if the issue is fixed. If the trip switch drops again then it is likely a circuit within the property is overloaded so please unplug some appliances in the rooms you were using and attempt to return the switch to on. If this still fails to rectify the problem if possible report the problem on the system below and wait until the office opens again at which point we will arrange for an electrician to investigate. If this is not possible please contact an emergency electrician and discuss the issue further.

Alarms: If you discover an intermittently beeping internal smoke alarm please in the first instance replace the battery - this is a tenant responsibility as part of the general upkeep of the property. If this does not fix the issue then please report the issue below and we will endeavour to arrange an engineer as soon as possible. Please do not under any circumstances remove the smoke alarm as this could create a safety issue. Should you have an issue with a burglar alarm please enter the codes provided – if you do not have the code please report the issue below.

Keys: If you are locked out of your property due to your own negligence, you must call a 24hr locksmith at your own expense and provide the details to the property manager during office hours for their records and submit copies of the new keys to the office immediately.

Pest Control: Most issues with pests should be reported below and will be dealt with when the office is next open as inevitably the setting of traps etc requires time to be set and be effective. If you do discover a pest issue that might lead to a danger to your health and safety (a wasps nest internally etc) then please contact an emergency pest control company for further advice.

Break In: Should you experience an actual or attempted break in you must report the matter to the police in the first instance and obtain a crime reference number. It is vital that the property is then suitably secured assuming the police do not need to attend first and you would need to ensure the appropriate action is taken and if necessary contact an emergency locksmith or handyman.

Appliances: All white goods issues should not be considered an emergency and should be reported below unless the issue falls into a category above such as a leak.

Noise Nuisance/Anti-social behaviour: If you have any issues with neighbouring properties then please keep a detailed log and call the office when it is next open to discuss the best course of action available to you.

Other Issues: An overriding tenet of a modern tenancy is that a tenant must accept responsibility for the property they rent and that the Tenant must use the property in a Tenant-Like Manner.

This has been defined in case law as 'to do the little jobs about the place which a reasonable tenant would do’ such as unblocking sinks when blocked by the tenant’s waste, keeping toilets and drains clear, regular cleaning including windows, putting refuse out for collection and gardening if applicable. The tenant must not wilfully or negligently damage the house (nor allow others to do so).

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